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At some point, all homes and businesses may need roofing work. When that day comes, metal roofing is a great option for residential and commercial locations. If you're considering metal roofing or would like to learn more, contact Beechy's Construction, the top roofing contractor in Springfield, IL.

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Metal roofing is a great option for a number of reasons, which we detail below. We also have more resources if you have further questions. Continue reading about metal roofing!

Metal Roofing in Springfield, IL

If you’re choosing a type of roofing when building a home or renovating an old one, then metal roofing should definitely be among your top considerations. Roofing aspects such as cost, durability, and safety are considered in choosing the right type of material for roofs. Recently, metal roofing has been the choice of many builders such as Beechy Construction. We can install metal roofing according to your design specification. Therefore, metal roofing in Springfield IL is best provided by the experts at Beechy Construction. We build roofs that awe.

As our team works on your roofing project, you can see your structure take form and appreciate the efficiency of our process. From the smallest home to the largest business, we take on any job that requires quality metal roofing. Our professional roofers can help you cap a beautiful building with a shining crown. We depend on our designers and builders who take concept drawn on paper, channel the design through the process, and make dreams a reality.

Trust Beechy’s Construction to be your metal roofing contractor today.


Different Metals Used for Roofing

Basically, there are two types of metal roofing applied to structures: the standard and special metal roofs. Under this classification are subtypes that pertain to the material or type of metal used for roofing. For standard metal roofing, steel and aluminum are the most popular metals used. On the other hand, materials under special metal roofing include copper, zinc, alloys such as the combination of zinc, silicon, aluminum, and steel, or “Zincalume” or “Galvalume.”

More info about the metals can be found in the metal roofing material map shown below.

Metal Roofing:

  • Standard Roofing – Common type of metal roofing for residential applications and industrial purposes. Many manufacturers have dealt with the strength and durability of this kind of roofing for cost-effective metal roofing.
    • Steel – Heavier and sturdier than aluminum. This material is usually coated with zinc and sealed to prevent corrosion. Adhesion is provided by a coating of epoxy primer, whereas color and protection are given by a baked-on acrylic top coating. Given that steel sheet systems are designed for commercial applications, they are generally applied with highly durable paint finishes.
    • Aluminum – Extremely lightweight and used for some residential metal roofing. This material is rust-proof but must be coated with paint similar to that used in steel to match the color-design of a building. This soft metal dents, mars easily, and isn’t nearly as strong as steel.
  • Special Metal Roofing – Used as high-end metal roofing for roof designs of large homes. This type of roofing uses special metals to add natural color to the roof, providing a beautiful look that highlights a home’s exterior.
    • Copper – Lightweight but strong. This material has been used as roofing for centuries, and it will not rust. It is soft and malleable enough to be designed according to specification. Moreover, it weathers naturally, giving the home a rustic look.
    • Alloy – Custom-made to adhere to specific requirements such as strength, appearance, or durability. The cost of this type of roofing depends on the components of the alloy.

While this outline is not comprehensive, it gives a general idea on how to choose the right type of metal roof for your application. Beechy’s Construction can definitely provide good advice on what type of metal roofing to use for your project.


What to Consider when Choosing Metal Roofs

Metal roofing installation company Springfield ILWhen considering metal roofing for your home or place of business, you’ll have to take the fundamental design into account so that your roof will complement the overall look of the structure. Metal roofing in Springfield IL can be designed according to the type of home that you are building or renovating. Metal roofing comes in different forms such as sheet-like panels and shingles and includes many variations such as colors and patterns. Beechy Construction can help you choose from among these design considerations.

Beechy Construction can help you with properly installed metal roofing in Springfield IL for your home or building. Moreover, we provide quality metal roofing at the following locations:

Metal Roofing Installer Serving in Springfield, IL

Springfield is the capital city in Illinois and home to a variety of thriving businesses. With a population well over 115,000 people, there are plenty of opportunities to provide quality metal roofs to the residents of Central Illinois’ largest city. Located in Sangamon County, Springfield’s residents desire for their homes to be an extension of their personality and to make a statement in the neighborhood they are in. Having a quality metal roof helps them stand out from the crowd, while still providing a low maintenance & long lasting roofing solution for their homes. Our metal roofs come from only the best manufacturers in the industry and we will ensure your complete satisfaction when installing your new roof. There are few companies like Beechy Construction that will take the time needed in Springfield, IL to make sure your roof is up to the highest professional standards!

Springfield is home to many different employers to support the large Midwest population – it’s estimated that over 200,000 people live in the greater Springfield metro area. The largest employers include the State of Illinois, Memorial Medical Center, St. John’s Hospital, and Springfield Public Schools. In an area the size of Springfield, it’s no wonder the top employers are state employees, medical & educational professionals. The Springfield Park District is well known throughout the city and maintains over 30 parks throughout! The two best known parks that are operated by the city park district are Carpenter Park & Washington Park and Botanical Garden – each drawing thousands of people every year to enjoy the outdoors!

One of the most famous people that came from Springfield, IL was Abraham Lincoln. The 16th President of the United States lived in Springfield for 24 years from 1837 to 1861 before becoming the President. Few Americans are as well-known as Abraham Lincoln, as he played a major part in leading the country through the Civil War and fighting to end slavery. The state of Illinois is even nicknamed after Lincoln, known as “The Land of Lincoln”.

We work hard to respect the tradition & history found throughout when working with homeowners across the Springfield metro area.  We install great metal roofing in Springfield, IL do this by providing top-level service, consistent communication, and transparent pricing. We rely on our past-customer’s great experiences to be our cheerleaders for future working relationships with Springfield’s homeowners. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services throughout Central Illinois, you can always call our office anytime!


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