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A well-constructed project starts with a well-established team. Regardless of task, Beechy Construction is the right general contractor in Decatur IL for the job. We take pride in our traditional Midwest quality of work on everything, from new standing seam metal to storm-rib exposed fastener metal, flat or shingled roofing, new kitchen installments, house additions, or maybe that custom log home that you’ve been dreaming of. Beechy Construction is the name to trust for quality jobs that result in beautiful homes and structures.

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In Decatur IL, residents and business owners turn to Beechy Construction to achieve their goals. Any size of task, from a small adjustment in a home to a large construction job, can be handled by our professionals. As a general contractor, we are also a builder, a troubleshooter, and a remodeler. Whenever we enter into a contract with a home or business owner, we complete a project to specification and take full responsibility to get the job done for the price agreed upon. We help you select the right materials, choose the right people for the job, and work with only the most reliable subcontractors to get the work done.

General Contractor for Your New Construction Job

Beechy’s Construction is experienced in executing general contractor tasks for new construction efficiently. Before a new construction project commences, we are able to estimate and bid on the project and negotiate a contract that will benefit all parties. We know good people when it comes to construction; thus, hiring and negotiating contracts with subcontractors should be easy. Obtaining the necessary permits and scheduling inspections are also part of our work. Moreover, we establish a payment schedule based on work progress, disbursing money to subcontractors and material suppliers.

In addition, we are responsible for creating an efficient operating schedule for workers, subcontractors, and deliveries. Not only do we suggest the right materials for your project, but we also negotiate material prices when we order them. More importantly, we take your requirements under strict consideration by interpreting and implementing the plans and specifications carefully. To get the job done efficiently and on schedule, we supervise and coordinate the work of the employees and subcontractors. Whenever there is a problem on the job site, we troubleshoot.


General Contractor for Small Jobs/Remodels

With your hectic schedule of juggling your professional and personal responsibilities, you may not have time to manage your kitchen remodeling or bathroom improvement projects. This is where the benefit of hiring a general contractor comes in. We step in and manage your project for you. In addition, our professional experience and knowledge allow us to handle your project much better than anyone could. We have worked with many satisfied clients who are now enjoying the fruits of our labor.

In all our projects, our team mindfully takes every necessary precaution into consideration to ensure safety and efficiency. During consultation, we begin by addressing important factors such as the original architectural layout, structural installation, electrical wiring, plumbing, and all other related finishing issues that may be presented along the course of the remodeling project. After identifying all the potential areas for problems, we come up with solutions best suited to solve them so that no part of the project is disrupted.

What Makes a Good General Contractor?

If you are in search of the right general contractor for your project, then you should consider many aspects such as organization, experience, and trustworthiness. Usually, family-operated firms take a grassroots approach to construction, taking into account the real essence of building and owning a home. A good general contractor treats your home and property with respect and finishes the job on time or close to schedule. Aside from the usual characteristics of contractors such as responsibility and dependability, customer service and accountability are also desirable traits.

As your reliable Decatur IL general contractor, we can help you in your search for any of the following:

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