Vinyl Siding & Exposed Fastener Metal Roof Oreana, IL

GREEN ECO-FRIENDLY ROOFING reduces energy costs. Tests conducted by the independent Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) indicate that a cool metal roof can save a homeowner up to 25% in cooling costs compared to a dark-gray asphalt shingle. ORNL’s field tests have shown the combination of venting and increased reflectance can reduce the heat penetrating the roof deck by about 45 percent for stone-coated metal roofs compared to an asphalt shingle roof in certain climates. Ongoing research with standing-seam cool-colored metal roofs is showing similar results. The Perfect Base for many Eco-Solutions with Photovoltaic Systems and Solar Panels can easily be integrated into metal roof systems, making them an even better choice. Metal roofs can also allow consumers to harvest rainwater for reuse.


It’s that time where your house is ready for a refreshing new look, or maybe your trying to recapture and create an atmosphere of old world charm! We help you plan and hand any and all restorations including: renewals, revivals, or reestablishment of a property to former condition or improving on the property. This includes, but is not limited to, fixing major building and property damages like: Fire and Smoke, Water or Flooding, Mold and Spores, and Storm or Weather Damage repairs.